Alien Incident was an adventure game inspired by classic Lucasarts titles like Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken, and movies like Back to the Future and Star Wars.



Benjamin Richards watches his uncle activate his latest invention: the Worm Hole Spawner. When fate intervenes and lighting strikes the Spawner, the invention succeeds beyond all expectations, opening a hole in space big enough for an alien mothership to enter from a distant galaxy. The aliens are chasing a mysterious, luminescent life-form known only as “the Entity”, which they believe is hiding somewhere deep in planet Earth.

The aliens – which look like kids in Halloween costumes – take Benjamin’s uncle hostage, believing he holds the key to finding the Entity and returning them to their own galaxy.

Players controlled young Benjamin on a quest to save his uncle – and in the process, the entire world!

Alien Incident featured a simple point-and-click interface to move Benjamin, find, pick up and use objects to solve puzzles, and interact with various colorful characters along the way.

Debuting in 1996 for PC, Alien Incident was a lighthearted affair for all ages.

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